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due to the travel restrictions my retreats are on hold UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

But don't waste your isolation time! Fortunately the exact same program I teach on retreat is available in my 28-day VysionCLEAR Online Program with virtual coaching. Click the button below to check it out.

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The VysionQuest Bali Retreat was the third pivotal moment of my life.


carmen marshall

entrepreneur + business/lifestyle coach

maui, USA

 Are you already a successful entrepreneur or professional, or well on your way, but you have this nagging sense that you've got MORE to offer the world?

Are you ready to tap into the MEANING and MAGIC that's waiting for you, just beneath the surface of life?

Watch the video below to learn how the VysionQuest process has helped hundreds of people like you get more CLEAR than they've ever been about who they are and what they're REALLY here to do in the next phase of life.

VysionQuest Bali Retreat

2020 dates - ON HOLD

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VisionQuest Process

A proven Sequence of Concepts and writing exercises For people with soulful ambition to reconnect with their joy, clarify their vision, and take their Business and life to the next level.

Day 1

So... what do you WANT?

Remove yourself from everything you know. Replace the noise of your busy life with the soothing song of the waves. Settle into our island sanctuary. Reflect on why you're here.

Day 2

Acknowledge Your Power

Remember that you already are and always have been a powerful creator. You've brought many many inspired dreams into reality. But your attention is usually on what you don't have yet so you forget your POWER. Now it's time to use it.

Day 3

Awesome Days

Your life happens one day at a time, one hour at a time, one choice at a time. When you glimpse into a fulfilled future, what do you see? What are you spending your precious time doing? With who? Where? Have a look. It may be closer than you think.

Day 4

The urgency of life

Is the temporariness of life its greatest curse or biggest blessing? The answer is up to YOU. The fact is that no matter how much you ignore it or fear it, your life will end. What will you be able to DO when you fully accept it?

Day 5

Discover your purpose

You are here for a reason. You have a one-of-a-kind combination of interests, talents, and passions. You are here to bring something into the world that only you can bring. Fulfilling this purpose is key to your happiness.

Day 6

Redefine success

If you've got lots of money but you're not happy or you're not healthy or you don't have close relationships then what's the point? Time to find out what authentic success means to YOU.

Day 7

Craft your written Vision

Fit all the puzzle pieces together into a super-charged, crystal clear Vision for your life. Your Fyckit List (five year bucket list) and your Personal Vision Statement are a manifesto for the person you are here to become.

Day 8

We're all in this together

Gain new momentum for implementing your Vision step by step. 

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What makes the vysionQuest Bali Retreat so different?

Once you DISCOVER YOUR TRUE Purpose, things can NEVER be the same. 

The problem is that no one has ever shown you HOW to get this kind of authentic clarity. 

In fact, your teachers and parents and bosses trained you AWAY from your inner clarity. For decades!

They trained you to conform to a bullsh*t vision of success that has nothing to do with YOUR happiness or purpose.

Even other personal growth programs, with the best of intentions, don't take you deep enough into your unique life's purpose. It's a tricky thing, and they just don't know HOW to.

Fortunately it HURTS to ignore your purpose. And there comes a time when you CAN'T ignore it any longer. You cant live the rest of your life FEELING like this.

I can help you tune in deeply, find this clarity, and capture it on paper.

My VysionQuest process has been refined with live participants during dozens of VysionQuest retreats. 

The concepts, the questions, the sequence... every little step reveals another piece of your life's vision. And you'll fit these pieces into one awesome vision for your most fun and fulfilling life.

Combine this soul-opening process with yoga, meditation, learning to surf, cliff jumping, snorkeling, crystal clear tropical water, motorbiking, awesome food, awesome people, and the magic of Bali... 


And you get a truly life changing week in bikinis and board shorts.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... We also have a sh*tload of fun.

About Rick

When I was 21 years old I got leukemia. 

Pretty scary! But it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me because I got to see at a young age that this life is temporary.

I know how hard it can be to clarify what you truly want for your life. And I've helped hundreds of people find that life-changing clarity.

When you get crystal clear, life becomes magical. Self doubt is replaced be a sense of purpose. Struggle is replaced by ease and flow.

I'm not some big personality seminar guy. I'm someone that believe that you already know the answers to your most important questions, you just need the right space to allow that voice to be heard and captured.

The VysionQuest Bali Retreat is that space.

Learn to Surf

surfing is a metaphor for living in the flow.


Fun gentle waves, expert local surf coaches, and warm crystal clear water make this a dream surfing experience.

(No experience necessary)


Yoga helps you quiet the chatter in your mind so you can hear your inner guidance, And it helps you feel great.


simple Clean rooms right on the ocean. Outdoor yoga deck. Pool. welcome to your sanctuary.

Everything Else

Candlelit Silent Sunrise Sessions reconnect you with your Source and let you hear the messages that have been waiting for you.

Cliff jumping
Cliff jumping

This is the school of life; a metaphor for rising above The Fear. You choose the height that suits you and stand at the top. You look down, your heart is beating. You’re ready. Wait, not yet. Okay you’re ready. There comes a moment when it’s all so simple. You just jump.


I don’t know if the Gods were born here or if they came here because of how beautiful it is. This island beams possibility through it’s colorful sunsets, towering volcanos, sweet incense, and fragrant flowers. My favorite thing about the Balinese people: big friendly welcoming smiles.


Dive into this crystal clear water and explore a coral-filled lagoon beside a coconut tree lined beach, spot an octopus morphing to into a rock's shape and color, ride the current with colorful fish along “the wall”. Maybe even swim with a manta ray!


How GOOD can you feel just sitting and breathing and noticing? Your thoughts are not the truth. They are just thoughts. Your biggest worries lose their grip on you. Your youthful innocence and playfulness return.


Three healthy delicious meals every day to keep you energized and satisfied. Both Balinese and western style dishes. And smoothies. And raw chocolate :)


This is an alcohol-free retreat.


Not as in Free Alcohol :)


As in you spent all this money and came all this way, might as well get the absolute most from this experience and go as deep as you can. 

Be clean and clear and the effects of the vysionquest process will last a lifetime.

your 8 day Retreat
package includes
  • VysionQuest program with Rick

  • 8 Nights beach front accommodation

  • 8 energizing and realigning yoga classes (no experience necessary)

  • 4 beginner-friendly surf lessons with our awesome local coaches (no experience necessary)

  • Snorkeling adventure by boat

  • All your delicious healthy meals and snacks

  • 1 Traditional Balinese massage

  • Daily sea-sunset meditation

  • Free flowing smoothies and juices

  • Round trip boat rides to our island sanctuary

  • And a couple other surprises 🙂

Not included
  • Flights to/from Bali

  • Taxi to our meeting spot

  • Alcoholic beverages

All guests are required to purchase travel insurance which covers emergency medical treatment, evacuation, and trip cancellation.

what's my investment?

What is the cost in your life of NOT being clear on your true purpose?

How many more years or weeks or DAYS are you going to let fear or self doubt keep you stuck in disempowering situations in your life?

At the end of your life will you be able to look back and say that you did what you truly wanted to? That you fully enjoyed the gift of your life? That you made a difference?

 Prices in USD 

VysionQuest Bali retreat
$1000 limited time discount

Private Room

Normally $4997

now $3997

Per person

couples Room

Normally $4497

now $3497

Per person

$500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place

Retreats are on hold

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Cancellation Policy

The following fees will apply as of the date of receipt of written cancellation notice.

Minimum Fee: $500 per person non-refundable cancellation charge. The deposit is transferrable, meaning you can apply the deposit to another retreat date for yourself within one year of your original retreat date.

46+  days prior to arrival: an additional cancellation fee of 10% of total trip cost

31-45 days prior to arrival: an additional cancellation fee of 20% of total trip cost

30 days or less prior to arrival: 100% of total trip cost will be charged


*We require that all guests purchase travel insurance which covers emergency medical treatment, evacuation, and trip cancellation.