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What is the VisionQuest process?

The VisionQUEST is a proven, step-by-step sequence of audio lessons and writing exercises created by Rick Cowley to help you clarify and fulfill your unique life's purpose.

Your guide

Rick is originally from San Diego, California and has been living in Australia and Bali for the last 15 years.


He is a father of two, a connected catalyst, and a cancer survivor. It was his adventure with mortality (leukemia at 21 years old) that planted the seeds which became the VisionQuest. 

Where it started

Journal time, Mainland Mexico surf trip, 2003

"The best insights and changes in my life have come through writing exercises.


I love questions that cut through my limited fearful thoughts and reach down into my depths and let me bring that hidden truth out onto a piece of paper, where I can SEE it, and understand it (and myself), and reflect on it, and build on it.

When preparing for my first retreat in 2010 I brainstormed on writing exercises that could help people find the clarity and inspiration they’d been thirsting for.


Some of the exercises were ones I’d come up with through meditation or just asking myself different questions in my journaling time. Other exercises were inspired by exercises I’d done in books.

I came up with a list of my favorites and tried them out on my brave human guinea pigs. After seeing what happened for them on that first retreat I knew that this was what I was put on Earth to do.

Developed in the retreat laboratory
The process has been refined, tweaked and improved with live groups at almost 40 week-long retreats.
We have discovered a format that makes the process fun, doable, and super powerful, whether you are on retreat or online.
Here are the basics:
Wake up early
Silent sunrise sessions - when the magic happens

You're alarm goes off, but instead of hitting the snooze button, you open your eyes.


You sit up. Take a deep breath. 

This is interesting. 

You feel... excited? Really? 

Ha, Yes!


You're curious and ready for another Silent Sunrise Session on the VisionQuest treasure hunt. The inspiration is flowing before you've even started.


You walk over to your sacred work space and light the candle.

You get a glass of water and set it on the table next to your workbook and pen.

You put your headphones in.

And dive inside.

There's something so powerful about tuning in at dawn.

Before you start talking, before you check email and Facebook, before your personality kicks in and the habitual worries hi-jack your dreams for another day. 

You are generating the direction of your life based on what INSPIRES you rather than just reacting defensively to all the messages coming at you.

It seems early at first, but once you experience the clarity and energy and results that come from this new early morning ritual, you'll get addicted to it.

Easy doable modules

The steps are simple. Just show up and...



Life is so noisy. Much noisier than the subtle voice of your soul.

You've been told loudly and relentlessly what to do since you were tiny, coerced into obeying, not rocking the boat, following the rules, playing it safe.

Over time those outer voices started playing in your head as your own thoughts, repeating your fears, worries, imaginary limits, over and over every day of your life.


You're ready to quiet those disempowering voices and listen to something deeper.​ 

Breathing brings space not just into your body, but into your mind and heart. 

The flow of your breathing connects you with the Great Flow.

Breathe, feel, relax. And be ready.



This process is not about filling you up with ideas.


It’s about making a still, safe, open space where you can discover your own answers.

However, there are certain concepts that can prepare you to hear your truth.

Some ideas kept coming up over and over at retreats. Many gems of wisdom came through my brave participants, which became part of the adventure.


The VisionQuest is a co-creation of hundreds of minds and hearts focusing on this process, asking our questions, sharing our answers, and catalyzing real life change.

These short audio lessons will be like music for your soul, reminding you to lighten up and open up to the magic of being alive. 



The exercises that are in the VisionQuest have proven themselves as the most relevant and powerful exercises we've discovered for making purposeful change.


But just as important is the sequence they are in.


Parts of your truth are hidden behind an armor of old ways and old beliefs. You can't go in with guns blazing. It takes a gentler approach. 

We start with exercises that are less threatening. That show you that it’s even OKAY to have your armor on and guard your heart. It’s all YOU and your ENERGY.

Then we move to progressively deeper exercises that sneakretly reach through the armor into the depths of your heart and reveal your life's Vision. 

Your written Vision -- these instructions from your Source -- will be the most inspiring thing you've ever read. 

Choose your own adventure