A fun and powerful self-guided online program to help you surrender to your life's purpose.

If you feel like life is missing it's magic and you don't know where to find it.... Start here.

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Discover how the VisionQuest Online Challenge has helped people like you check off dreams

The VisionQuest Online Challenge is made up of three sections to get you crystal clear on the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW behind your Vision.

Part 1


[7 days]

the *WHAT*

Discover what you REALLY want from life.  

Part 2


[21 days]

the *WHY*

Discover what LIFE really wants from YOU.  

Part 3


[28 days]

the *HOW*

Super-charge your Vision with a practical planning process.

What's my investment?

How much does ignoring your purpose cost you in terms of your happiness and inner peace? How many life changing opportunities are right in front of you but you're blind to them? How many more years or weeks or DAYS are you willing to squander your precious creative energy on unfulfilling work?


8 week

Online Challenge


Part 1 - VisionClear [7 days]

Part 2 - VisionPower [21 days]

Part 3 - VisionAction​ [28 days]

  • Daily paradigm shifting audio lesson and writing exercise

  • Downoadable workbook

  • Access to online materials for one year

  • Join our private VQ Facebook community

Bali retreat


+ travel expenses

Two ways to buy the online challenge

One Time Payment


Save $85

Payment plan


6 payments of $97, totaling $582. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 5 months.

what you save

The live VisionQuest Bali Retreat costs $3000 + flights + travel expenses. Our online course is available at a great price and you can start it TODAY.

Save money while creating a life changing habit of tuning into your Vision daily.

Payment plan

We offer a payment plan of 6 payments of $97, totaling $582. The first payment is charged immediately, then you'll be charged $97 on the date of purchase for the following 5 months. Click the button below to register and start your VisionQuest Online Challenge today.

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