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40 Things I've Learned at 40

This is not a definitive list, but the first 40 things that came to my mind on my birthday.

  1. Yoga is good for me.

  2. Coffee is not.

  3. Making my bed starts the day off right.

  4. Telling the truth moves things forward.

  5. Every person has their own process for creating.

  6. If I'm having trouble sleeping, switch so my head is at the feet end of the bed.

  7. I'm built for the tropics and I LOVE clear ocean water

  8. Embrace the extreme opposites inside me (eg. the desire to be boldly in front of people and the desire to be totally private) and find the sweet spot.

  9. Life is more generous and kind than we usually give it credit for.

  10. Breathing is wonderful.

  11. The more quickly you fail the more quickly you succeed.

  12. Interfere with your kids as little as possible.

  13. Have babies at home.

  14. School works for some kids but standard schools condition most for a life of slavery and self-doubt.

  15. Feel and follow inspiration.

  16. Relationships are way more about interpersonal dynamics than anything personal.

  17. Ask for what you want.

  18. Wear clothes that fit your body well.

  19. An active lifestyle is key (3 hours of intense exercise every day... ideal!)

  20. Listen to Abraham.

  21. Sometimes I conquer The Fear and sometimes The Fear conquers me.

  22. Kahlua is a delicious treat.

  23. Life is magic. Period.

  24. The Universe has a sense of humor.

  25. You become whatever you praise, you become whatever you judge.

  26. This life is temporary.

  27. You don't know way more -- and way more often -- than you do know.

  28. Let people be and don't try to control anyone.

  29. Peanut butter and chocolate. Omigod.

  30. Take the time to get clear on what's important.

  31. Make happiness a priority.

  32. Don't let the fear of getting things wrong stop you.

  33. Ask Life/Spirit/Inner Knowing for guidance.

  34. Spend time with people who inspire you.

  35. Now is the time.

  36. In all types of relationships be open about what you want and find someone whose desires are compatible with yours.

  37. Express yourself.

  38. Appreciate how blessed you are.

  39. Fan the flames of desire. Desire is the power to create.

  40. All or none of these things might apply to YOU.

It's hilarious to me that I'm 40!

I wonder what else I'll learn. I wonder which of the things on the list I'll disagree with at 50.

Have a great day, everybody!

To your most fulfilling dreams,

Rick Cowley

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