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Are you on the right path?

The gears of your life are grinding. Scratching and screeching. So much effort.

Work is hectic. Overwhelming. Never ends.

What you are doing day to do just doesn’t FEEL satisfying anymore.

And the people there… it’s hard to be yourself around them.

You cannot shake this sense that there’s got to be something MORE. You've got something more to give.

You can't imagine spending the rest of your life feeling this way.


A friend tells you about the VisionQuest. A perfectly timed message.

You find the website. And absorb it.

The energy in your gut and the prickles in your spine tell you that this is your next step.

Something is going to HAPPEN there.

You decide to TRUST that inner guide, for the first time in a long time, and LEAP.

Registration done. Plane tickets bought.

You're almost as nervous as you are excited.

Eventually the moment comes:

Sitting at a table perched right on the sea, face to face with Rick and the other adventurers, waves whispering, sun beaming, dreams crystallizing, laughs pouring forward, Bali vibration.

Strangers become family.

Confusion becomes crystal clarity.

Life in the flow.

[Insert 1 week worth of inner~outer adventures, inspired writing, magical moments, ocean play, life changing personal insights, and deep human connection — too much to write here :) ]


You arrive home with a drive that you’ve never had before. You’re chomping at the bit to act on your Vision.

You’re EXCITED about life. You’re excited about your dreams. You’re excited about your PURPOSE, and bringing it into your daily life, your work, your family, your friends, your decisions.

You’re even excited about the challenges ahead, and you know there’ll be some good ones, as you step moment by moment into a more authentic life.


You are filled with wonder as you remember HOW IT FELT when you were looking at the VisionQuest website the first time.

That spark of energy. Your Inner Guide calling you.

And how it led you to such an inspired, powerful, perfect experience. No mistake. A pivot point in your life. A doorway to a new world.

You know that THAT’S how you want to live. Connected to that guidance, trusting life, riding waves of inspiration.

And then you ask,

“Inner Knowing, what’s the most inspiring thing I could do RIGHT NOW?”

You see the swells approaching, and you’re ready.


Join us on the next VisionQuest Bali Retreat is Oct. 29 - Nov. 5.

Click here for spine tingles.

Lots of love,

Rick Cowley

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