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Clear Eyes

"Rick, my friend picking me up after the retreat was like: What the f*** happened to your eyes????? They're shining like hell!" --Lisa, Germany

(I'd noticed the same thing, which is why I took this picture of Lisa's eye on the last morning of her Bali retreat.)

One of my favorite things about the VisionQuest Bali Retreats is watching my participants' faces change during the week.

People usually arrive with a deer-in-headlights smile -- half excited and half nervous for the upcoming adventure -- but also looking a bit pale, worn down, and kind of removed from the present moment miracle.

Maybe burdened by the weight of trying to fulfill other people's priorities while ignoring their own.

But by the end of the week life is RADIATING out of their faces, and especially their eyes.

Of course the physical-adventure aspect of the retreat plays a huge role -- riding waves, snorkeling in crystal clear water, throwing themselves off cliffs, motorbike adventures, daily yoga. You gotta MOVE your body to feel good and alive, and we move as a daily lifestyle.

But it's the inner adventure that really sets hearts and eyes ablaze.

CLARITY feels amazing.

Clarity about who you are and why you are here. Gathering of irrefutable proof that you create your life experience and that you are already so blessed. The unveiling of a Vision of who you are here to become.


Sometime today when you're around people, scan to see who's got that clear, playful sparkle in their eyes.

Give them YOUR sparkle and a smile and see what happens.

To Your Most Fulfilling Dreams,

Rick Cowley

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