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"Buy his bone broth." It's one of those impulses that comes out of nowhere. I don't actually HEAR those words, it's just a FEELING. "Do it. Give him an unexpected gift." But he doesn't know me. He's gonna think I'm a weirdo. "Act now, while he's still on the phone, just tell the lady you're paying for his too." But, but... "That will be six fifty," the lady behind the counter says to him, and as he hands over his money I feel some kind of opportunity slip through my fingers. I justify my inaction, telling myself the impulse was just some silly thought. What happens in the next 30 seconds though shows me that the first impulse had been no accident. "So how are you?" the lady says to him when he gets off the phone. "Good. I'm going to Bali." Bali, hmmm that's interesting. "Talk to him," the feeling tells me. I'm not going to ignore it a second time. I turn to him. "You're going to Bali?" "Ya." "Cool, when are you going?" "On Sunday." "Oh really? I'm going on Thursday." "Oh wow." "Where are you going?" I ask. "Ubud." "Have you been there before?" "No." "Check out Yoga Barn," I say. "That's where I like to do yoga. They have tons of classes, and there's a super fun dance on Friday nights and Sunday mornings, everyone's sober and rocking out..." "Cool. What are you doing on Bali?" "I'm running a retreat." "What kind of retreat?" "It's a vision quest to help people discover their life purpose and their dreams and what's important to them. We use meditation and writing exercises, plus island adventures, learning how to surf. We cliffjump and snorkel. And do yoga." "Cool. What are the dates?" What are the dates??? What are the chances that I meet some random dude in the lunch line who's going to be in Bali during my next retreat which starts in 13 days, which has two open spaces for for lucky last-minuters? AND he wants to know more about it!? "July 16th to the 23rd." "Are you on Facebook?" "Ya..." He pulls out his phone and finds my page and likes it. "Check out the video, that will give you a feel for it," I say. "Ok thanks. What's your name?" "Rick." "Oh ya, that's YOU on the page." "Ya. What's your name?" "Damien." "Cool, good to meet you. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great trip." "Ya you too." I grab my broth, cupping my freezing hands around the warm take away container, and walk out with a smile, my mind chewing over the interaction.

A crisp wintry day in Mullumbimby, Australia. The scene of the crime.

I bolt over towards a quiet grassy area to feed myself, realizing that I really cut that conversation short. Usually I ask people about what inspires them. What they're wanting to change. And I LISTEN. But I'm fricken starving and not quite thinking straight. Maybe that's why I didn't act on that first impulse to buy his lunch. I feel a little sting of regret that I didn't. I mean, this is the stuff I teach. How to feel and follow your inspiration. How to hear those inspired messages and act on them immediately. And I didn't do it. Imagine how cool it would have been to be on the first day of the retreat, everyone floating in the pool in a circle for our orientation meeting, warm sun on our faces, and for that guy to introduce himself like this... "Two weeks ago I was in a cafe in Australia and some random guy in a beanie and a hood walked up and bought my lunch, and here I am..." Every warm delicious spoonful brings me a little bit more back to my senses. I really love when the reason behind an inspired impulse becomes crystal clear -- whether I've acted on it or not. It reminds me to pay attention and be brave and be open to the magic. From what I've seen after guiding people through the VisionQuest process for over 6 years now, profound life changes can usually be traced back to one inspired impulse. One magical moment. Usually a moment when you met someone new. And everything changed :) Do you know what I mean? Are you ready to tap into this kind of inspired guidance more and more? Are you FEELING it RIGHT NOW while reading this??? Most people who come on a VisionQuest Bali Retreat say that it was just some kind of FEELING that led them there. My participants say things like, "I somehow just KNEW that this was the retreat I wanted to do." and "The hair on my arms stood up when I read your website." If you want to bring more inspiration into your life and get clear about what you really want for the next phase of your life, check out my next VisionQuest Bali Retreat. It's July 16-23 and there's a $1000 last minute discount and there are 2 spots still open. If the impulse is speaking to you, you'll KNOW. Be brave :) Click here to learn more about the VisionQuest Bali Retreat, July 16-23.

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