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5 years ago I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under my life. I was spinning slow motion in the air, out of control, no idea how I’d land.

The end of my marriage was the second toughest period of my life. (Having leukemia at 21 years old holds the #1 prize — and hopefully will keep it!)

This woman Soma Temple @somatemple — a spiritual mama to me and probably dozens or even hundreds of others — played a big part in me landing on my feet.

We’d met a few times about 15 years ago on Bali. When I escaped back there during my break up 5 years ago, she heard about what was happening and invited this friend in need to stay at her beautiful cliff top sanctuary at Bingin.

Many times I came to Soma and her partner at the time in shock, tears, or wonder, seeking some comfort and perspective. And sometimes reassurance that I wasn’t going crazy.

Soma is one of those people that lets you be you while she be’s her. I was questioning EVERYTHING about what I thought I knew about relationships, and I asked her all sorts of personal questions that she answered openly, sharing her life experience, as a woman with one foot planted firmly in the non-physical and the other planted firmly in the physical.

I found so much comfort in these conversations. A sense that I was okay, Pia was okay, things were going to be okay. That time became my launching pad to a new life.

Soma and I have crossed paths briefly since then — she lets me put my VisionQuest retreat flyers up at her Aum Rudraksha mala shop at the @balispiritfestival every year — but when I bumped into her last weekend I made a plan to go see her and have a proper catch up. I wanted to let her know that I landed on my feet and I really am okay now and better than okay.

After gushing my appreciation for her and updating her on how my life has changed for the better in every way — including a growing family that defies definition! — I asked her to give me a snapshot of HER life.

Whoa. The most amazing stories flowed out of her, mostly about how she followed a calling, with her son Gopal, to take groups of Balinese Hindu high priests on pilgrimages to India. They’ve done this every year for the last 8 years with up to 40 people per trip!

It was a privilege to hear about these journeys, and see the tears in Soma’s eyes as she recalled magical events that revealed the power that’s at work behind all things.

I left her house yesterday with a renewed sense that EVERYTHING is connected and perfect, an Aum Rudraksha mala gift, and this picture.

Thank you, Soma, I love you!


Check out Soma's beautiful Aum Rudraksha malas made with love on Bali and follow their journey on Facebook.

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