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The BEST Reason to Be Authentic

There are so many good reasons to be authentically yourself:

  • To have an awesome life.

  • To attract other authentic people and have all kinds of fulfilling relationships.

  • To avoid all the drama that comes from deceiving yourself and others.

  • To relax in the peaceful knowing that you will make great decisions.

  • To live in the flow.

I could go on for an hour, this is the stuff I love talking about.

But in my opinion the BEST reason to be authentically you is for your present or future kids.

An inauthentic parent will put their own fear, judgement, and submissiveness into the impressionable heart of his child. Something that takes years or decades to undo as an adult.

(How long has it taken YOU and how far along are YOU? It took me about 16 years of adulthood to start living authentically.)

An authentic parent will not extinguish the delicate flame in her child's heart. She will nurture it. She will empower her child to believe in herself and trust herself -- even when it means she disagrees with parents.

A child raised like this will stay connected to his Inner Knowing right on through to adulthood. And become who he is here to become sooner rather than later.

Find out what is deep in your heart and follow it. You'll live more dreams AND you won't mess up your kids.

To Your Most Fulfilling Dreams,

Rick Cowley

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