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Success stories

Thank you for your impact on my life.

Harrison gilbertson
Actor - Australia/la
Continued to land bigger and better Roles including a supporting role in need for speed and a lead role in fallen

Harrison did the Vision Quest Retreat on Bali when he was 19 years old (and brought his Dad Brian as a thank you gift for all his fatherly support!). He has been working continuously as an actor in film and television since he was 13 years old and has played the son of 6 academy award winning actors including Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris, and Geena Davis.

"Rick Cowley and his Vision Quest gently guided my interpretations of the world around me to a place of great awareness and openness. He helped me to channel the quietness we all desire amongst the mayhem of society into a reality that has impacted my personal and professional life deeply.


Whether it be finding genuine connection with a stranger in my life, or the stranger I am about to become on film, the wisdom Rick has shared with me since we first met has and continues to be a profound part of my life."

"Thank you again so much for the experience on Bali. Started to stray back into a bit of fear and worry about getting things 'right' again over the last couple of months and having the Vision Quest in my soul now is such a helping hand in grounding those thoughts and listening to the breeze instead.

I will be forever grateful for my experience."

Adam hudson
entrepreneur - Australia/la
Doodles in his vision quest workbook became a purpose based business that did 7 figures in the first year.

After a total nervous breakdown and collapse in 2014, Adam decided to attend a Vision Quest Bali Retreat in 2015 thanks to the recommendation of a dear friend who had attended. He came back for round 2, and brouhgt one of his business partners along, of the Vision Quest in 2016 because...

"There were so many good changes in my life in the year after the retreat. I just wanted to see what would happen when I did it again.


12 months ago during my (first)Vision Quest I decided to use my gift of teaching to start an education business.


Not only did we break seven figures in our first year but we're serving people in 12 countries while giving back to charities and communities all over the world.

You helped me find the clarity - and this is the result. Your info is not just touchy feely. What you do is special.


Thanks again my friend. You're a gift and an inspiration. Spirituality and financial success do not need to be mutually exclusive.

If you feel like you want to attend a program where the leader creates space for your inner voice to tell you what you need rather than them telling you what they think you need through their own lens on life, then this course is ideal. It's a bargain and well worth the effort.


Life is too short to live it with a nagging feeling that you're not really happy or living the life that is right for your unique soul.


Thanks, Rick.

I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.

The Vision Quest was the third pivotal moment of my life.

Carmen marshall
Entrepreneur, business & lifestyle coach - maui/bali
brought her greatest passion -- dance -- back to the center of her life while launching 2 new businesses she'd been dreaming about for years. oh and she moved to maui.

Carmen did the Vision Quest Bali Retreat in 2013. She attended the Level 2 Bali Retreat in 2014.

Here are some results she shared with me 2 years after doing her Vision Quest:

"Rick, in case you forgot how magically powerful the Vision Quest is...

  • 2013 best income year yet

  • 2014 even better income year

  • Started 2 new companies. I'm super happy and excited about this :)

  • Followed my intuition - I bought my dream condo in Miami and then sold it, both at just the right time

  • Continue to travel to and live in different countries to find my “2” homes - including Miami, Brazil, Bali, Ibiza, and Australia

  • Bought my dream house on a cliff over the ocean on Maui

  • Ran 2 "Create a Life You Love" retreats on Bali

  • Launched a 90 Day Business Coaching Program enrolling 130 people

  • Travelled to Brazil to study Zouk dancing

As ever, you continually inspire me, remind me of what's most important in life, and inspire me to live my dreams like no one else. Keep doing your amazing work -- you help so many people and my life has forever been changed for the better x100 by you."

jamie knowlton
investment banker turned entrepreneur
san francisco, california
left a soul sucking profession and lifestyle, moved to a city with waves in a different country, and launched a new business combining his inspirations -- conservation, outdoors, family and money!

Shortly after getting married in February 2014, Jamie and his wife Karen left their home in Toronto and embarked upon a one-year sabbatical from their jobs to travel the world, surf, and experience as much as they could. Here's an update he sent our community 15 months later:


"We tend to think of the so-called “quarter life crisis” in negative terms, that period in our young lives when we realize we’ve done everything we’re supposed to, made the “best” decisions we could, worked hard, and are disturbed to realize that we’re still not happy. Something is still missing. Previous generations seem to think of this as a “reality check” for us millennials, where we realize that life isn’t and won’t be as fulfilling as we had hoped and been promised it would be.

F*ck that.

To me this ‘crisis’ has been a positive event and has given me the awareness that material success does not equate to happiness or fulfillment, and that a new strategy for life is now required to move forward in a meaningful way. I feel like I have come out the other side happier, healthier and more inspired than I ever would have imagined.

We weren’t interested in waiting around until retirement to live our dreams. We were also chasing answers to what we wanted in life, what brought us joy, and I was exploring what the elusive concept of success really means.

About halfway through our trip we participated in Rick Cowley’s Vision Quest on Bali. To say this experience was life-changing would be an understatement.

We returned home to Toronto, Canada on April 1, 2015, and have been working on starting anew since then. I have achieved many of my Five Year Bucket List goals and dreams in 2015, some while travelling and others since we’ve been home, all of which I am very proud of and grateful for.

  • Start and build a successful company

  • This company helps fulfill another goal: Minimize my environmental impact and help reverse the damage

  • Move to a new city

  • Live near the mountains and on the ocean

  • Inspire others to be bold, take risks and improve their lives; one of the ways I do this is our blog:

  • Climb a mountain -- Ben Lomond, Queenstown, New Zealand

  • Hike the Na Pali coast on Kaua'i and camp on Kalalau Beach

  • Surf the North Shore of Oahu

  • Complete the BC Bike Race -- a 7 day mountain bike stage race

  • Bike to work

  • Control my schedule and work/life balance

  • Buy a new bike

  • Exercise every day

  • Get 8 hours of sleep per night (80% success rate)

  • Meditate

  • Keep surfing

  • Define my own version of success and live it

That’s it for now. I have many more dreams that are not written here on the page, but I feel like I’ve made incredible progress over the last 12 months in creating the life that I most want to live and loving each and every day of the journey. But where 2014 and 2015 have been about tearing down, contemplating and rebuilding the foundation, the next few years will be about doing the hard work to actualize the structure.

A big thanks to Rick for helping me put many of these dreams and goals into words, and to my wife Karen for giving me the courage to be bold and chase them.

To say this experience was life-changing would be an understatement.

Anyone who is going through a life transition or is hungry to find more meaning, purpose and clarity would benefit.

Jeanette lodwig
General Counsel for the Seattle Foundation
Seattle, USA

"I am very aware that I am the beneficiary of many years of work that you did to create this experience of retreat, beauty and inspiration. It came at the perfect time in my life and I can’t begin to tell you what a life changing gift it is. Thank you for your rare combination of soul piercing depth and total goofiness.


Before I came on the Vision Quest I was feeling frustrated, tired and without a clear vision for how to live my best life. This week Rick designed a series of experiences, questions, and writing exercises that allowed me to clarify my own vision for my life. Anyone who is going through a life transition or is hungry to find more meaning, purpose and clarity would benefit from this retreat. Rick has a way of leading and guiding the retreat to encourage your own self discovery.


I will leave Bali with more excitement and focus on what really matters. I will enjoy the ride more.


I was inspired by and learned form the other people in the group — they were all teachers for me. This retreat attracts people who are actively choosing to live with courage and purpose."

And one year later:

Completing the Vision Quest last year helped me uncover not only some specific goals, but a vision for how I want the next phase of my life to feel. This retreat set me on a course to living with more intention and joy. It’s fun to check things off my Five Year Bucket List, but even more powerful for me was that I came away with a softer approach to how I live my life. I’ve always been very goal oriented, and sort of white knuckled my way through challenges to achieve my goals.


This retreat helped me clarify my larger purpose, and trust that the right opportunities will open up along the way. For anyone considering a Vision Quest, I would say that this is an amazing gift to your future bad ass self – and s/he deserves it."

krista clement
Sustainability consultant - Canada/Brazil

"Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a corner with no way out? That's how I felt when I joined Rick and the other Vision Questers on our retreat in June 2015. At the age of 30, I had just finished treatment for breast cancer and was in need of a serious reevaluation of my entire existence (to put it bluntly!)

I had led a fulfilling life up until cancer - a super successful career doing what I love making a positive impact on the world, amazing friends, tons of adventures, the opportunities to visit over 100 countries and live in 6, and the curse/blessing of being able to see the most beautiful and ugly sides of humanity. I knew who I was and I loved myself, but cancer put a wrench in all of that. I didn't trust myself or my body anymore, compromised my own needs to keep up appearances and forgot who I really am, to a point that it had completely shaken up my world.

I met Rick through friends in Bali who said "you've gotta meet this guy, he knows what you are going through" and man were they ever right. The retreat itself was incredible. Surfing and yoga everyday (and a beautiful snorkel!) with a group of the most lovely and supportive people who encouraged me to be patient with myself and my recovery process. I needed to learn how to be active in and learn to love my new self, and at a pace/style that felt good, not forced. The Vision Quest helped me learn how to really say "no, I need this, no compromises" by checking in with my intuition more regularly.

The workshops and meditation were the highlight of the retreat for me, as they helped me to reclaim my passion for life and re-prioritize what I want for the future. The clarity I received in these sessions was "luar biasa" (out of this world) and has given me the motivation to further build and diversify my amazing career/life purpose while maintaining more balance with other things that are equally as important.

The lessons I learned and clarity I found at the Vision Quest have literally changed my life and given me the courage, strength and motivation to move forward with even more momentum than I had before. I now realize, thank you Rick, that cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me — it gave me the gift of being able to truly look into myself and tackle fears/bad patterns that inhibit growth, and do this at a pretty young age. I'm so thankful for that, and for Rick, who made that realization possible.

It would be wrong of me to not mention how I was "healed" by Mr. Santi (Rick’s five year old son). Having him on the retreat brought out my true self, and the side of me that represents who I want to become- a sparkly, loving, passionate inspiration to children both professionally and personally. Thank you, Santi, for your laughs, joys, self-awareness, knowledge, love and energy.

So in short, go on the retreat no matter where you are on your path to becoming your true self. It's the best decision you will ever make.

Enjoy the sun, sea and mountains!! I'm off to finally solo backpack Sri Lanka next week, one thing to check off the Five Year Bucket List :)

I now realize, thank you Rick, that cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I left my profession after 12 years to start a new career path and my own business.

tara mixon
pharmacist turned health coach -- seattle, USA
Started a business based on her purpose, and pushed her limits on mountain bike adventures with her husband.

Tara did the Vision Quest Bali Retreat in 2015 with her husband John. They are another awesome adventure couple. Here's a report she sent me 7 months later.

"Rick, thank you for helping me embrace my courage and step into happiness. Thank you is not enough. Endless love, happiness, play, joy and excitement!


I left my profession after 12 years to start a new career path and my own business. Good-bye Pharmacy. Good-bye disempowerment. Hello Health Coaching. Hello Empowerment. Hello Service.

Since I don’t have to head out to the office I get to wake up when my body wants to!! (Yes, that means I am getting the sleep my body wants, finally!) 9 hours is SO luxurious.

Being self employed also has given me the opportunity to do things that the medical world wouldn't allow. So, as a gift to myself and my new freedom I pierced my nose, and got my first tattoos in 20 years!

Stepping away from things linked to business/work and getting a bit more playful


  • I built up my cross bike (going from a single speed to twenty two!) and raced about 5 cyclocross races this fall (good dirty fun).

  • I also completed my first 30 mile mountain bike race.

  • John and I made it out for a night ride on the mountain bikes. It was SO much fun, better then I expected that is for sure.

  • I found the perfect commuter bike and had it shipped from the UK. My Dark Star Bobbin. 16 speeds, hydraulic disc breaks, and totally hip! Rick I can remember you telling us it was ok to want things…. and yep, you are totally right, especially things that bring you so much joy and adventure!

  • I continued my two wheel pleasure by renting a mountain bike and exploring the high desert in Boulder, Co one day and then rented a road bike and explored 50 miles of country roads. There is something so nourishing for me to be on my bike without cars. Just the sound of my pedal stroke and the wind through my helmet. Ahhhhh.

Unrelated to bikes I have done some other things that challenged me in the world of creativity and play. I learned to play La Vie En Rose on the Ukulele and played at my friends' wedding (this is the first song I learned to play on this instrument that I have owned for years. Thank you Cathy and Jason for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your sacred day)

On a heavier note, my grandfather passed away this fall. His death came quickly, and quite unexpectedly. In the last couple of months of his life I went to see him as often as I could. More then that, I made the effort to ask hard questions, to honor his life, and embrace his eminent death. The wisdom that he left with me “Don’t wait to do the things you want to do.”

To bring all of this to a close, I must mention my truly amazing husband. This year has been incredibly exciting, and the last couple of months unexpectedly challenging. John has been nothing short of a king. He believes that I can overcome the challenges that accompany starting a business. Be believes in my ability to do this work. He pushes me to ask the hard questions and to get comfortable with the discomfort! Everyday he wishes me sweet dreams before we slip into slumber, and each morning I receive sweet kisses goodbye. He has become my home. He is the shining star that keeps me going. Each day John your love blows my mind. For the first time I see that someone sees me as being adequate, and capable. You love me for who I am. I don’t know that I can summon enough words to describe all that you do and all that you are. Thank you for this life. Thank you for this love."

monique marshall
financial planner and entrepreneur - california
re-positioned her existing business to fulfill her purpose

"Rick, your Vision Quest helped encourage me to take that bold move and re-create what I have desired to do now for two years!

Love you for you doing what you were called to do, and it inspired me to "aspire to inspire".

On my first day at the Vision Quest I wrote in my workbook:


'Re-design my financial firm to fit my passions and fulfill my "Life by Design'.


And on my last day I wrote "I aspire to Inspire".


I filed with Ca Corp the investment advisory name and it's being filed to the SEC (govt) right now.

I've designed my support team and I spent the money, but more importantly I'm stoked and having fun.  


I have tons of video lined up and started my weekly blog and on Monday we begin the newsletter.

The Vision is to give Financial Advice with a Purpose Plan. Not just $$$$$. I'm now creating it!!"

Your Vision Quest helped encourage me to take that bold move and re-create what I have desired to do now for two years!

It's worth every ounce of time and every penny spent.

mary eberle
entrepreneur -
washington, USA

"I met Rick at Bali Yoga Spirit Festival. I was in Bali for work but I was with a friend who was in Bali for a spiritual quest. The stars aligned and my friend was able to take Rick's Vision Quest retreat. She loved it and told me all about it.


When he first offered his online course, I jumped on the opportunity to attend. That was six months ago and I still think about what I worked on daily.


I find myself sharing his practices with my friends, and talking about it on my social media pages. I am no stranger to life coaches, mentors, self help books, and life goal planning. I own a small business and love furthering my goals and visions.


Ricks program is extremely measurable. It's worth every ounce of time and every penny spent. I recommend it to everyone.


Rick is genuine, passionate, and excited about helping others. It's tempting to leave everything I have behind to go and work for him spreading his message, if I didn't have a family I might do that!


If you are reading these comments thinking about doing his course, I say go for it!"

Joanne Stone
Jewelry designer - Miami, usa

"A year ago I karmically attended your retreat and everything changed for the better. I have done several yoga and meditation retreats but none were so much fun and gave me such practical tools that go straight to the heart of my life purpose.


You pulled me up and I have never come down since. Sure I have my moments but since the Vision Quest the door of prosperity opened and keeps expanding.


I recently launched my own jewelry and website and have checked a few more things off my Five Year Bucket List which makes me feel incredible!


The biggest thing I got was to let go and trust that everything I want is possible.


Thank u so much and keep spreading the love."

Since the Vision Quest the door of prosperity opened and keeps expanding.

You didn't only help me through a tough time... I've never felt this happy and content in my life.

christine Shuck
Marriage and Family Therapist - austin, usa

Rick, I don't know how to explain how I feel in words....wish you were in arm's reach so I could hug my happiness into you.

Seven months ago, I made the toughest decision of my life; I cancelled my wedding and ended the relationship. A decision I'm so damn proud of. Then, while vulnerable, I decided to travel alone. I signed up for your retreat, and my life changed.


Combining talk, writing and physical activity created the space for me to not only understand the concepts but to FEEL them! What a precious gift!

Here I am, Rick, sitting in my new loft (#2 "Have my own loft") in Austin, TX (#1 "Move somewhere warmer") and I am so damn grateful for each and every day I wake up. The things I get to do, the beauty I get to see, the people I get to have in my is incredible.

You didn't only help me through a tough time.....I've never felt this happy and content in my life. I am proud of the woman I am today. :)

What you did for me....what you gave me....the hope and inspiration manifested through your energy, love, and is priceless.

I continue to work daily towards my inspirations, goals, desires. I continue to focus on what makes me feel whole and centered. When I flounder ... I read my Vision Quest workbook. But nowadays, when I flounder....I stop beating myself up and realize I'm just frothing. :)

I can't believe this is my life! I can't believe I'm living a vacation. This is real. This is ME! I can breathe!

I think of you often. Learning that I have control of MY life, and yet, I have no control OVER life has been the most crucial piece of understanding I've ever gained.

Thank you. I love you. Keep touching people and making the world a more serene place.....much like the ocean.


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